The adventure starts now!

As we said it in our previous post, we wanted to launch a fundraising campaign… And now it’s done :) ! You can check our page right here

The objective of this campaign is to bring new features  you’ve been asking since the very first release of the game:

-          The competitive online battle more

-          The port of the game on Android and on PC

-          New characters

For the moment, we are in a pre-production mode, but we cannot keep investing upfront in the game development. And this is why we are requesting your help. We need to raise aminimum of $6,000 to keep supporting the team in the development of what we believe to be the true complete version of Blade Lords. We decided these features thanks to you, and we want to build them with you. In short we want Blade Lords to be your game, so we want you to take part of the Blade Lords adventure.

We know that there wouldn’t be a fundraising effort without goodies in return of your contributions. So you should know that you can be rewarded with a T-Shirt, an Art Book, an OST, a Portrait of you as if you were a Blade Lords’ character. You can also decide the design of a new character, you can create your own fighter or armor… And this is just a glance at the rewards ;)

You should also know we created a special social reward. Its goal is easy: the more noise we make, the more money we’ll raise and the more likely our Blade Lords project has the chances to go live. So we really need you to spread the words, and to do so, you need to share the campaign. That’s all. Now the reward: for the top three referral sources (by dollars raised) will be our new three fighters!!

In other words: if you want to be the next character of Blade Lords: share the campaign :)

Your help is very important for us, whether it’s a fund or a share. Every little thing you’ll make for this campaign is great and we’ll be very thankful.

Thanks for the reading of this long news,

The Blade Lords Team

Blade Lords Indiegogo

We will need your support in few days

In the upcoming days, Blade Lords and all the dev. team will start a new adventure. We’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign!

For those who don’t know what is means, here the definition of it: a crowdfunding campaign is a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money to support efforts by other people or companies (thank you Wikipedia :) !)

So we decided to launch this fundraising campaign in order to get some help. Sadly, we can’t keep investing in the game development anymore. But if we want to create a real, complete and rich Blade Lords Universe, we need to create more content for the game. And for this, we need you.

With your help, we’ll be able to add the so lacking multiplayer mode, we’ll finish the development of new fighters… and we’ll do much more.

So for now, start sharing the news, we really need it. We’ll get back at you in few days with much more details ;)

Thanks for your help and your support,

The Blade Lords Team


A brand new character and other stuff

There’s a lot of news for Blade Lords :D .

Let’s start with the new fighter. We know you’ve been waiting for him for sooo long. We also know you’ve been scared of him… Yes really scared, don’t try to hide it… After all, he’s the boss of Blade Lords! But these times are over : now it’s your turn to get people scared… Yes you got it, the DARK LORD is now AVAILABLE :) . So enjoy it : it’s time to prove to every people who’re fool enough to challenge you that you are – for sure – the master of this Kingdom!

Also, you should know that in few days you’ll find news about the game on a lot of websites and social networks (like G+, Raptr, Pinterest, Behance, Tumblr…). Then it’s time for you to join these in order to be sure to get all the news :D

Well this is it for the moment, so stay tuned ;)


Please welcome Cirtan!

A brand new character joins the Blade Lords’ fighters. His name is Cirtan, he’s a paladin from the Order of the Rising Sun, ready to do everything to fight the forces of evil! Armed with his sword and his shield, he will help Sakuraba and the others defeating the Dark Lord.

As a news never comes alone and to celebrate this event, Cirtan is available for free during the Christmas Holiday Season!

Hurry to fight along with Cirtan? Then wait no more and update the game, that is as easy as it sounds!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share your feeling about Cirtan with us ;)

A new update is available on the AppStore!

A new update is live on the Appstore since yesterday!
And before you ask me “What’s in the update?”, here’s the answer.

We have included two new beautiful stages in the game, so you can fight in more settings in your quest : the night crossroads, and the night battlefield !

Since we know you all love customization so much, we have created 8 new armors for the sexy lady warrior Kateryn ! If you prefer Hitodama or Kyogen, no worries, they’ll also have new armors very soon!

And last but not least, if you were among the unlucky ones having an iPod Touch 5th gen, you can now play Blade Lords, all bugs have been fixed !



Great reviews !

It’s been a bit less than a week since Blade Lords has been released globally – 5 days to be more specific!

We wanted to share with you a few reviews about the game to show you how enthusiast journalists were for Blade Lords, and we hope you’re as enthusiastic as they are!


Let’s start with Gamezebo‘s review first. I’m sure you must have all heard from it already, well at least we did!

They really loved Blade Lords and they let their readers know about it ! The title says it all: “A game with deadly sharp blades and an evil Dark Lord – what’s not to love?”

They gave Blade Lords a super great 4.5/5  despite the long loading times! People from Gamezebo if you read this, we’re working on it we promise !

You can read the whole review here.


This other review is from another apps dedicated website: Carter Dotson enjoyed the game so much he gave it a 4/5 ! He particularly liked the visual aspects and controls: “the game does make a great fit for mobile”. Well, Thank you Mr Dotson!

The whole review is available here.


Our German friend from did not even hesitate to grant Blade Lords a 5/5. One word to sum it all: “Spectacular!”

If you speak German, check it out here.


We can’t say how happy we are with all these good reviews!

In the meanwhile, let’s keep fighting Lords!


Blade Lords is live WORLDWIDE !!

Dear fans,

It’s with an immense pleasure that we’re proud to announce you that Blade Lords is now live worldwide on the iPad and… the iPhone! Yes you read well, on the iPhone as well!

And as good news never comes alone, we have made huge modifications to the game, starting with not one, not two, but three new game modes!! So not only you’ll have the possibility to play in the Quest mode, but you’ll have many more ways to play now!

The Arena mode will allow you to test your skill, while you’ll be able to play up to twice a day in the Daily Chaos Portal to get extra rewards. Finally, you’ll get access to a whole new world of challenge with the Tower of Infinity, you think you’ll be able to reach the top of the leaderboard? But sssshhhhhh, I’m not telling you more about it now, some news are coming super very soon to explain you these modes more in details!

Oh and by the way, you can download the game here, and it’s FREE!

Don’t forget to rate it with 5 stars !

Your super happy and proud Blade Lords team!


A little video gift for you …

Hello dear Lords,

As you may have noticed, Christmas is coming very soon, which is why the whole team decided to make you a special gift.
While waiting for the worldwide release, we give you a chance to discover the first seconds of the game: the intro cinematics!
We hope you’ll like it and that you’ll be ready to grab your blade and join the fight with us very soon on the iPad and the iPhone!

The Blade Lords Team.



OpenFeint definitely closes tonight

Hello dear Blade Lords fans!

As you may (or may not!) be aware, Open Feint services will be definitely closed by the end of the day, which means that you might suffer some issues with the game (currency losses most probably) – issues which we can assure you are totally beyond our control.
If ever you bought Packs of Coins or Chests of Gold and discovered quite unhappily that you lost your in-app purchases, please get in touch with us, so we can help you!
Send us an email at this address:

We’ll get in touch with you soon.

Thanks for your understanding,

Your devoted Blade Lords team.


A definite Must Have !

We are very proud to share with you this review written by the team from and to give you just a few quotes about their impressions!

They clearly loved the game and did not even hesitated to describe it as ”a genuinely intense fighting game” (thanks guys, this is what we intended to do!)  and to compare it to to “a great substitute to the mobile game Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile”. (Wow! Thanks again!)

If you want to read the whole review, just click here!

Your (happy) Blade Lords Team!